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All professors will give their lessons through a modern application which has a very good sound and image quality. You can use a computer, tablet or mobile phone, and your camera lens should focus at least your arms, hands and keyboard. It is recommended an external microphone as sound quality will improve much, and professors could listen you better.  A link where you need to enter, will be sent either to student and professor, and it is not needed to download any application.

To register at masterclasses, please follow these steps:

1) Go to the section "Register" in the web site

2) Choose the number of lessons you wish to have, among the options offered

3) Fill in the Application form, completing the fields required, which include a youtube link and the professors with whom you wish to study (also if you want more than 1 lesson with anyone of them)

4) On basis to your recording, our artistic directors will decide if you are selected or not to participate in the masterclasses.

5) If you will pass the preselection, you will get an e-mail of confirmation, with the steps to do the payment (options are bank transfer and paypal) 

6) Once the payment is done, we will arrange the lessons with the professors selected, and we will offer you different options, concerning to times and dates

7) Before each session, you will get a link which will bring you to the room where you will have the lesson with the selected professor


8) At the end of masterclass, you will get a diplom, which will be sent only via e-mail, but will have an official validity

9) Once registered, only our academy will be in charge with arranging lessons between professors and students, being not allowed for students to arrange lessons directly with professors. Once registered, if a student wishes to have further lessons with a professor, they should be arranged through us.

10) Once payment is done, money is not refundable under any circunstances, unless all the professors chosen by the aplicant will not be available to teach.

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