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Susanna Braun

Taking part in the Online Piano Masterclass is a wonderful way to meet and work with a wide range of musicians from all over the world. During this time, where so many recitals, concerts, masterclasses and competitions are being cancelled all over the world, I think it is really valuable to continue to play to these wonderful pedagogues and artists. The organisation team are always available and are online during the masterclass, in case any issues arise. I definitely recommend pianists to apply!


Eden Chen

Online Piano Masterclass offers the best professors and the best results possible online. The world-class artists offered so much insight even on a difficult online platform. It has been such a source of learning and inspiration during a difficult time for musicians and students. 


Gema Lu Cai

The academy was really good and the organization was very competent. Also, the level of all the professors that formed part of the academy was really outstanding. I would definitely recommend to any pianist this Academy as I think it is a great opportunity and experience.

Thank you very much.


It was my first experience in this online academy.  I have taken three classes with prof. Pablo Galdo, Pierre Reach and Alberto Nose. It´s amazing opportunity to play and get to know these professors and receive so professional advises from them. I strongly recommend the academy. Thank you Asociacion Musica Clasica de Galicia for this unique opportunity during these difficult times.


I have learned a lot during the lessons with the master Juan Francisco Lago, he was ver specific and demanding which is a very positive thing for me.

During my lessons I have been working on differents styles and he showed a very wide knowledge in every area.


I like the idea of the online piano masterclasses... I appreciated mainly the professionality of the professor.


Adrian King

I was very happy to have had the opportunity to attend the Online Piano Masterclass academy this summer.  It was wonderful to have lessons with prominent piano professors from all over the world and from very prestigious institutions.  My plans to attend a summer music festival were cancelled due to the pandemic.  I was very upset because I wanted to meet and study with professors that taught at the universities that I am planning on applying to next year.   I was so excited when I found out about the Online Piano Masterclass Academy.  Even though I had to stay at home, I still was able to receive instruction from wonderful instructors from two of the conservatories that I plan to apply to.   The connection through the zoom app worked very well.  There were no problems or interruptions and the sound quality was excellent.  I would highly recommend this academy to any serious piano students. Thank you,


Carlos Alfonso Ferri

I want to say that the experience of take these classes of your academy has been great and very useful.

Surely I will be taking more classes in these following months through your academy.

Thanks for make this work possible and easier.


Julia Maria Figueres Heinz

I have to say that the lessons went really good! My teacher Juan Lago, gave me useful techniques to practice and to improve my playing. The academy, from my point of view, did a really good job specifically with giving us the option to choose our teachers and how many hours we wanted to spend with them. It was a new experience and I would do it again, thank you!


Kateryna Pavlenko

I was very satisfied with your online master classes. They were organised in a very good level. The connection was steady. The lessons with Professor Gruzmann were very professional and productive. I highly recommend these master classes to all our friends. Thanks a lot for this opportunity. Hope in future I can also apply for them.

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JingYi Wu

The effect of Online piano masterclass is way more better than I thought, the sound quality is good. Your online academy is efficient as you can always solve our questions in time. Hope there will be more professors who can join this academy.


Charlene Lee

I've had a great experience in the academy. The lessons were great and they were very on time. As it was my first time with the academy, I've had a great and satisfying first impression. Thank you for the awesome experience!


Tuna Tüney

My experience was satisfactory. I am thankful to everyone who took place on the organization  and of course all the amazing pianists


Rawan Albehbehani

I have had a wonderful time having my masterclass. Sergio Tiempo is very patient and also very engaged, he gave many helpful techniques and would always appreciate and listen to the way I interpreted the peace to be played instead of only playing the way he would like it, Sergio Tiempo would always ask if his opinion suites you, overall having the masterclasses was a wonderful experience and I would definitely do it again.


Charlotte Tang

It was a very fruitful five lessons in the summer and I have learnt so much during my time with Prof. Plano. The online setting has conquered geographical limitations and the organizers have been very helpful in navigating the virtual lesson setup.

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Laura Galstyan

I want to thank the Online Piano Masterclass Academy for the valuable and interesting masterclasses with such professors as: Leslie Howard, Sergio Tiempo and Jerome Lowenthal. That was a great honor for me to have masterclasses with them and to listen their efficient advices. Thanks once more for the great opportunity. I hope that I'll have a chance to work with other professors as well in the frame of Online Piano Masterclass Academy in future.

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