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Natalia Trull is a laureate of the following international competitions: in Belgrade (Yugoslavia, 1983, the 1st Prize), International Tchaikovsky Competition (Moscow, 1986, the 2nd Prize), Monte Carlo International Competition (Monaco, 1993, Grand Prix) 
She was born in Leningrad. In 1963-1974 she studied at the Special Secondary Music School of Leningrad Conservatory (the class of teacher T. Rumshevich). 
In 1974-1979, she studied at Moscow State Conservatory. Her teachers were: Ya. Zak, M. Voskresensky. In 1979-1983 she did her postgraduate degree at Leningrad Conservatory. Her scientific supervisor was Professor T.Kravchenko. 
She started her teaching career in 1981, at the Leningrad Conservatory as an assistant of Professor T.Kravchenko. 
In 1984 she got her own class at Leningrad Conservatory. At the same period, she was working at the Special Music School at Leningrad Conservatory as a special piano teacher. 
In 1988 she moved to Moscow and started working at Moscow State Conservatory as an assistant of Professor M.Voskresensky. In 1995 she became a docent, in 2004 - Special piano Professor (from 2007 she has been working at the Special Piano Department directed by Professor V. Gornostaeva). 
She has performed practically with all the leading Russian and foreign orchestras such as: London Symphony, Los Angeles Philharmonic orchestra, the Tonhalle orchestra Zurich, Switzerland), the Symphony orchestra of Monte-Carlo, (Santiago, Chile) and others. 
She collaborated with such conductors as: G.Rozhdestvensky, V.Sinaisky, Y.Temirkanov, I.Spiller, V.Fedoseev, A.Lazarev, Y.Simonov, A.Katz, E.Klas, A.Dmitriev, R.Leppard. Her concerts were successfully held p in the halls of the "Gaveau" (Paris), "Tonhalle" (Zurich), in many halls in Germany, France, Portugal, USA, UK, Japan, Chile. Her most recent conserts took place in AOI Hall (Shizuoka, Japan, February 2007, recital), a concert tour with the Moscow Philharmonic orchestra, cond. Y. Simonov (Slovenia, Croatia, April 2007).

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