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He was born in Tibilisi (Georgia) in 1959. He studied at the Special School of Music in Tbilisi with teachers E. Mujadze and E. Virsaladze. Attended Composition courses under the direction of A. Shaversashvili. He began his piano concert career at the age of seven throughout the territory of the former Soviet Union, highlighting his performances in: Moscow in the Great Hall of the Conservatory, Tchaikovsky Hall, Hall of Columns; Leningrad in the Philharmonic Hall; and Odessa at the Opera.

He obtained a scholarship to continue studies at the Moscow Conservatory with the teacher Jakob Zak, where he remained for four years. After Zak's death, Kereselidze continued her studies with L. Timofeeva.

After completing his Bachelor's degree at the Moscow Conservatory, he continued his Doctorate studies at the Gnessin High School in Moscow, with the teacher v. Ponizovkin. During this period, she obtained the following awards: 1980 - First Prize in the National Piano Competition of Russia, in the city of Kazan. 1982 - Second Prize in the Inter-Republic Piano Competition of the USSR 1982 - Prize of the VII Tchaikovsky International Piano Competition.

Professor of the Piano Department, at the Tbilisi Conservatory since 1984, her teaching work has been endorsed by award-winning students, who successfully carry out their concert activity in important European cities. She combined her pedagogical task, with intense solo activity, both with the Tbilisi Philharmonic Orchestra, and concerts organized by the state company Goskoncert.

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